Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spring 2.5 is out

They finally released it - Spring Framework 2.5 is finally out. It comes with loads of new features and enhancements (you can read more about it in the announcement). Things that concern me the most and what I have been looking forward to put to paces are annotation-driven DI and annotation-based controllers in Spring MVC. What makes me happy is that the documentation is largely improved, which is always a great plus.

Next thing that I'm patiently waiting for is the release of Spring WebFlow 2.0, which looks extremely promising tool. I am following it up very closely, as I plan to introduce it in my company and start a project based on WebFlow.

During next few weeks, I'll make sure I write something about the new features.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Right tool for the right job

What a fantastic line - "choose the right tool for the right job". I was reading a Superman/Batman comic I purchased recently (Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) and was quite impressed when.. Oh-well, I'm not going to unveil the story-line - anyways, Superman said aforementioned line at the beginning of the story.

Got me thinking - I had been running my blog with many various blogging systems, some of them good, some of them really bad. Usually, experiments with those systems ended up with me installing and using another system.

Well, choose the right tool for the right job. I am moving my blog to Blogger service. Easy to use, always accessible, no worries about server uptime or software upgrades.