Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andri Luka 2 years old && Erlang/OTP R13B03 released

This day is very special and remarkable - our son, Andri Luka was born on this day 2 years ago! Happy 2nd Birthday, dear son!

Also, on the other side, Erlang/OTP R13B03 is released. With this release comes the GIT (mirror) repository of Erlang/OTP source code (available here) to enable people to send in contributions. That is awesome! The release also marks the introduction of NIFs (Native Implemented Functions), but that's still in experimental stage.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Icelandic Gaming Industry

Just came back from the first IGI workshop, first workshop for the IGIA10, the Icelandic Gaming Industry Awards competition.. It was an excellent starting point for icelandic indie game developers to meet and network. I came a bit late so I missed few talks, but the rest was really good. The talks were held by representatives from companies that are already established game developers (ie. CCP, Gogogic, Dexoris, etc). It was nice of them to share their expirience in their road to success.

I asked couple of questions, mainly focusing on getting more information on how to get connected to artists and/or designers that want to bring their talent into the gaming industry. Lots of indie developers (such as yours truly) have zero-to-none artistic (design) skills. In my opinion, IGI initiative should also focus on that talent, as well as developers.

As we all know, eye-candy and content is a huge help to make it in this business. I am close to a point where I would definitely need an artist to join me, otherwise it might be very difficult to get players to play the game. Not to mention possible funding :)

Next to come, a bit of introduction to the game itself.

p.s. I encourage you, dear reader, to check the Icelandic Gaming Industry website and join me and others in very interesting endeavour of bringing more games in the future..