Friday, January 25, 2008

Shift some time

Few weeks back, I downloaded a TimeShift game demo from Xbox LIVE! Marketplace. The demo features both single-player (campaign) and multi-player modes. The game itself is a first-person shooter game but unlike many other similar games, it has a rather unique feature - playable character in the game wears a special suit which enables you (as a player) to manipulate flow of time in the game.
You are able to slow down, stop and even reverse time, which affects everything (and everyone) around you - while you move freely! Some people might remember the very popular Max Payne series of games with a special (and very cool matrix-esque) Bullet-Time feature - you could put things in slow-motion to aim better and deliver bullets precisely.
In TimeShift, you're able to do that, and a lot more! If you get flanked by enemies, no problem - reverse time a bit and throw a grenade where they pop up - problem solved. If there are too many enemies to handle - stop (or slow) time and give each of them a proper gift (a bullet in the head).
Now you're probably thinking, that makes a very easy game to play. That's true, but - the suit offers you only limited time manipulation possibility, and the gameplay is challenging even with the special feature. What really makes this game extremely interesting is the (you guessed it!) multi-player game mode, where everyone has same capability. It's quite impressive (and for me, an average joe player) sometimes confusing, but a lot of fun!!
Last, but not least, thing worth mentioning is the graphics engine (called Saber3D) - it's visually stunning and attractive with really amazing textures of very high detail, especially on a hi-def TV set.
Be sure to check the game out, or at least download and play the demo before you buy. Really worth checking!

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