Monday, February 4, 2008

Technical evangelist?!

What is up with technical people and the urge to have titles? Especially strange ones.. I have been reading a lot lately about Flex and AIR, technologies for developing rich internet applications, mainly for two reasons - first and foremost, it's very interesting technology and second, it might come in handy at work. But I'm not going to talk about that just yet.
During my reading, I came across more than a few times with a a rather unusual title. Apparently, one of the guys behind Flex and AIR calls himself a technical evangelist. If we look up the definition of the term evangelist, we can find out various things:
  • Evangelism is the verbal proclaiming of the Christian Gospel or, by extension, any other form of preaching or proselytizing.
  • "To announce the good news", one who preaches the facts of the Gospel in order to win converts.
  • The traditional view of the evangelist is a bearer of the "Good News", proclaiming the gospel to the unbelieving world.
So, technical evangelist is doing what, exactly? Somebody who verbally proclaims technology? Isn't just pretty much everyone who works in the field an evangelist? We should stop calling ourselves bloggers and start using evangelist instead..
This is, in my honest opinion, the worst title I have ever heard in my life. Sounds ridiculous and I honestly don't believe how can anyone take it seriously. Rubbish.

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