Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back at work after a long vacation

I was away on vacation for 7 weeks. Now I'm back at work. Tough, I must say. My mailbox is a total mess, loads of new mail, meeting invitations, updates and changes, etc. Then an idea hit me! Our corporate email suite comes with Out of Office assistant, which helps you (and your coworkers) to manage the email while you're away on vacation (sending out auto-responders and such). It also has a very nice feature of reporting who emailed you and all that. I am still going through the emails I received, totally stressed out not to miss something important. I'm skimming through as fast as I can and it seems there's no end to it. I'm quite sure I missed something very important, although I'm trying my best to mark messages that I need to check again later. That means, of course, that I'll be reading my emails twice.

Now, the idea - wouldn't it be great to have a feature which would, upon opening your email suite after a long vacation, populate your inbox little-by-little. Let's say you have 120 messages which have been sent to you while you were on vacation. The suite would sent you a dozen messages every 10 minutes, so you can slowly read it and catch up. Preferably over a good cup of coffee. No stress, no worries, you can read your mail at a normal rate as you would if you didn't go on vacation. I'm sure it would take some people few days to catch up, but it sure beats reading 500+ emails in one hour.

Back to reading emails.

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