Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Showing your work

Many dots, originally uploaded by a13xnet.

Learning curve of every aspiring photographer has to, at some point, reach a part where the photographs are shown to (very) critical eyes of others. Beginner photographers mostly dread to the thought of being criticized while still learning the trade. That's happening not just with photography or art, but with every skill that involves producing something.

I went through the same dreadful process while learning icelandic language; fear of speaking, fear of saying something wrong and weer into the uknown parts of the grammar. Let me tell you, it's not pretty. Contrary to my belief, doing exactly what I feared of doing helped me improve, both my skill and my knowledge; I spoke icelandic even if it was terrible and completely gramatically wrong and it payed off.

I am sure that there are many talented photographers and artists out there that still keep their work to themselves and that is a shame. No matter how good or bad you are, you will never know that for sure unless someone else sees your work. It is simply not possible to improve if you don't know for sure what to improve and where.

Today I joined a huge community of photographers and artists on - it is time for me to show my work. I wish to improve my skill, wish to learn new techniques and fine-tune ones I already am familiar with. Being in contact with others that share the same passion as me is incredibly valuable and I don't want to miss on that.

So, expect to see more of my work over there and I hope I'll get comments and guidelines where to improve.

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